Caring for your Apple Crumble Cake

Thank you for choosing The Cake Bake Shop! Your delicious Apple Crumble Cake has been expertly crafted with great care and skill by our bakery team, and has been given the stamp of approval to leave our home, and enter yours. Please use the following instructions for the care and keeping of your cake.

Arrival via Shipping:

-Please unpackage your Apple Crumble Cake immediately and completely. Discard any extra packaging such as bubble wrap, ice packs, styrofoam shipping box, and parchment paper. Place your cake back into The Cake Bake Shop windowed box for at-home storage. Set the packet of Apple Pie Crumble and piping bag of salted caramel sauce aside for the time being. 
-Your cake has been flash-frozen prior to shipping. If it is still frozen, leave it in an air-conditioned room, out of direct sunlight, to thaw. Please keep in mind thaw time may vary depending on the shipping and the temperature of your home. Your Apple Crumble Cake has an estimated thaw time of at least 5 hours from completely frozen. 
-Once your Cake has thawed, it is ready to enjoy! This cake is designed to be served at room temperature, we do not recommend serving this cake chilled.


-Now that your cake is room temperature, it's time to put on the finishing touches. Snip a small portion off of the end of your salted caramel sauce piping bag, and drizzle it across the top of the cake in a zig-zag pattern. To create a drip effect, pause when you reach the edges of the cake and allow a little extra caramel to collect and spill down the side. Next pile your Apple Pie crumble on top.
 -We recommend slicing your Apple Crumble Cake for 10-12 guests, however, you may slice it into as many portions as you are comfortable with. 
-When serving, it is preferable to slice and plate each slice individually, rather than slicing the entire cake and then plating.
-To create a clean and professional presentation, we recommend preparing the following tools:
-1 damp kitchen rag
-1 pitcher of steaming hot water
-1 sharp Chef’s Knife
-1 Pie Server or Cake Serving Spatula
-one small square of wax or parchment paper for each slice
-Begin by creating small score marks across the top of your cake so that your slices are even. 
-Holding your knife parallel to the table, with the tip in the center of the cake, push down through the cake all the way to the bottom. Focus on the line you're making on the outside of the cake and do your best to keep it straight.  If you are having trouble due to the toppings, create little knicks on the top edge of the cake where you would like your portions.
-Place your knife in the pitcher of water to clean and warm the blade. 
-Wipe your knife with the damp kitchen rag and then create your next cut. 
-Now that you have cut your first slice, it is time to lift it out of the cake using your Pie or Cake Server. The first slice is the most difficult, and it may not come out easily.. Be confident and gentle, you can do it! Ease the first slice out and place one sheet of parchment on the side of the cake while supporting the slice with your knife. Flip the slice, parchment side down, into your palm.
-While holding the cake in one hand, cover it with a plate and flip the cake over. Remove the parchment paper right before serving.
-Continue to slice your cake using all of your tools and serve immediately.


-The Cake Bake Shop proudly uses only fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Our from-scratch recipes do not contain any fillers or chemical stabilizers. Therefore, they are meant to be enjoyed as soon as possible, or within three days.
-If you must save your unsliced Apple Crumble Cake overnight, store it inside the Cake Bake Shop windowed box wrapped tightly with plastic wrap at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.
-If you must save your unsliced Cake for a later date, store it inside the Cake Bake Shop windowed box wrapped tightly with plastic wrap in the refrigerator. Be sure to give 3-4 hours at room temperature before serving.
-If you are saving slices of your Cake for a later time, cover any exposed sides with plastic wrap and store at room temperature.