Caring For Your Dessert

The Cake Bake Shop bakers have given your cake their stamp of approval for travel. It has been perfectly decorated, boxed, and bowed.

If picking up your cake from one of our shops:

Please carry your cake box from the bottom to distribute the weight evenly. This keeps the sides of the box from denting your cake and keeps the layers from sliding.

If driving your cake home:

Transport your cake in the flattest part of your vehicle, floorboard, or trunk space. Do not put your cake on the seat of your car as this may cause your cake layers to shift. Please drive carefully with no sudden stops. Our cakes are very fragile.

If your cake was shipped to you from our bakeries:

Remove your cake from the styrofoam shipping box. Unwrap from the protective packaging, place cake on a platter and let your cake come to room temperature, approximately 6-8 hours or overnight before serving. Please review your cake care card for specific flavor instructions.

Cutting Is Easy!

We slice our cakes into 10–12 servings. Placing your cake knife in the center of the cake, cut straight down creating a pie-like slice. Lift cake slice underneath with server and repeat with the rest of the cake.

Storing Your Cake

We hope you enjoy your cake and thank you for placing your cake order with us.