Where 'Unwrapped' host Marc Summers eats in Indy!

"The place I discovered recently was a place called The Cake Bake Shop in Broad Ripple (6515 Carrollton Ave.). Gwen (Rogers, the owner) is knocking it out of the park. I was actually looking for some segments for a thing I do on Food Network and went online, and her name kept popping up. So I just kind of casually drove over there, and I walk in and she recognized me, and now we’re best of friends. I think she’s going to be huge, and not only here. I see her growing outside of the state because the quality of what she does, like the quality of this place (Market District) is different. Her cakes are expensive, but her ingredients come from places all over the world and she won’t cut corners either." -Marc Summers   Thank you to Marc Summers for supporting my shop. All of us here at the shop just adore you! Thank you for making The Cake Bake Shop one of your favorite places. xx http://www.indystar.com/story/entertainment/2015/10/09/marc-summers-indy-food/73588730/