The Current In Carmel

The Cake Bake Shop, a Broad Ripple eatery famous for its elaborate cakes and pastries, announced in 2017 that a new location would open in Carmel in the fall of 2018. But the opening has been delayed to spring of 2019.

Cake Bake Shop owner Gwendolyn Rogers said construction on the new, 3,600-square-foot space is taking longer than anticipated.

“There’s no glitch on anybody’s part, it’s just because of construction. It just always takes longer than you think it will,” Rogers said. “This is a very large build-out with a lot of details to it, so we figured it would be best to take our time. I think opening in the spring will be nice.”

Although the Carmel location will be significantly larger than the 1,900-square-foot Broad Ripple store, Rogers said some of the design elements will be similar. She expects the Carmel location to have a different atmosphere, however. 

“It’s going to be a better and prettier and larger space. It will look like a white house on the outside, so it will look like the Broad Ripple one but a bit nicer,” Rogers said. “There will be a covered outdoor patio with ceiling fans. All the chandeliers are going to be Swarovski crystal, so it will be very elegant.”

Of all the changes that Rogers plans to bring to the Cake Bake Shop’s Carmel location, the one she is most anticipating involves a French dessert made famous in New Orleans.

“I’m most excited about making beignets on the weekends,” Rogers said. “I’m from New Orleans, and I wanted to make them in Broad Ripple but I just did not have enough space in the kitchen.”