The Cake Bake Shop awarded the rank of #4812 in the Growjo 10000

The Cake Bake Shop's rank of #4812 is an indicator of high growth indicators that include employee size, brand awareness, funding, acquisitions, hiring plans, new locations and additional trigger events that formulate and predict the company is growing at an increased rate and/or is poised to grow significantly over the next 3-6 months.
“Rankings on Growjo 10000 reports are based on a data point algorytm formulated to identify companies that are on a steadily increasing growth path,” said Tom Blue, CEO, Growjo. “We are excited to share the achievements of The Cake Bake Shop's rankings on our site because they represent the highest growing companies and those companies that are predictively poised for growth in the foreseeable future.”
The Cake Bake Shop is a restaurant and bakery known worldwide for their outstanding desserts. They have won numerous awards and have been voted best in the State from their quiche to their cakes. Gwendolyn's famous Earl's Court Chocolate Cake has been the 'Best of the Best' and 'Top Celebration Place' year after year since opening in 2014. The key to their unparalleled success is their team members, customer service and the fact they use only the finest ingredients in their cakes to create a product that becomes a magical experience for each and every guest. They are one of the top employers in the State and are looking to open multiple locations throughout the country in the future as their company grows.