Pillivuyt In France Make Custom Porcelain Pie Dishes For The Cake Bake Shop

Pillivuyt in France has been making all of my cake stands for over six years and now I am excited to share that they will be making all of our pie plates. I have designed the shape and size for the perfect pie dish which will be the vessel for the perfect pie. Pillivuyt will create a new mold based off of the design, hand apply each logo and hand fire each piece using 100% French porcelain. Pillivuyt has been making French porcelain since 1818 and is located in the town of Mehun-sur-Yevre which has been the home to the factory for over two centuries. It is an honor to be working with them. These are in the first stages of production and I will let everyone know when they will be finished, shipped and arriving to my shops.Pillivuyt Pie Plates