Park Tudor Seventh-Graders Visited The Soon-To-Open Cake Bake Shop


September 18, 2014

Park Tudor seventh-graders visited the soon-to-open Cake Bake Shop to make cupcakes for the Broad Ripple Village firemen with Park Tudor Mom Gwendolyn Rogers as part of the annual 7th Grade Broad Ripple Day. What started out as a math/science outing has evolved into a retreat day that covers all curricular areas. Students visit shops, fire stations, restaurants and more asking questions and working out problems. They learn to read and follow maps, view and write about murals on the buildings, have an art activity at the Art Center, speak French and Spanish in restaurants and of course work out science and math problems. It is like a curricular scavenger hunt. It is a fun and exhausting day as they walk to and from Broad Ripple, and see how they can apply what they learn in school to their everyday life.