New Tower Frame Constructed on Cake Bake Shop at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

Reconstruction has begun on the building for The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers. The building was once home to ESPN Club, and while the basic shape will remain the same, many of the walls and the tower were demolished for the re-theming. Crews have added new steel beams to the top of the building, creating a new tower. 

The new tower has an updated shape and will have windows, according to concept art. It’s shorter, with a second smaller tower at its center.

 There has been no clear work done on the walls where signs and paneling were torn down. Guests will enter the quick-service bakery through the right-hand entrance, which was previously the main entrance to ESPN Club. 
The entrance to the Cake Bake Shop table-service restaurant will be at the front and center of the hexagonal structure.
 The rooftop has rough edges where the original tower was torn away. Over the construction walls, we can also see that most of the exterior walls were knocked down, leaving just the supports. The construction walls feature images of some of the desserts we may be able to try at the Cake Bake Shop once it opens. The concept art above shows how the refurbished building will be covered in windows and lights. Planters will line an outdoor seating area. The color scheme seems to be white, pink, and gold.