Lenox & Cake Bake Shop

Today I arrived in Kinston, North Carolina at the Lenox factory to see my Cake Bake Shop china being made. I brought my oldest son with me and it was such an incredible experience. It is not even about the china, it is about the people that make it. I met the entire team that worked on making each and every piece from the beginning to the end of production. Each piece gets the art work applied by hand. The platinum band that encircles each piece is all applied with a paint brush by hand. Each piece is fired twice, polished, checked for flaws, carefully stacked and packaged. They even let me try my hand at the platinum touch. It is extremely hard and it is incredible what these amazing women can do. The Lenox team is the most amazing group of people that I have ever met. Each piece is made with so much love and it shows. I smiled so much, that at the end of the day my cheeks were sore. :) Thank you to the Lenox family for not only creating beautiful china, but for welcoming me and my son with so much love and open arms. This line of china will bring so much happiness to so many for years to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.