Ina Garten

I received the most incredible thank you note from Barbara Libath, Ina Garten's personal assistant today. I went to see Ina at her new cookbook signing 'Make It Ahead' on Wednesday. I brought my famous Earls Court Chocolate Cake for Ina to try and a Cake Bake Shop white baseball hat. Who knows maybe we will see Ina wearing it someday. Thank you Barbara for the lovely note. It will be forever hanging on my CBS walls. Here is a copy of her letter.

November 8, 2014

Dear Gwendolyn,

 Ina asked me to drop you a note of thanks for delivering your winning cake recipe to her in Boston while she was traveling on her book tour.

It was incredibly generous of you to bring the WHOLE cake (and Cake Bake Shop cap, too) with you!  She has been absolutely overwhelmed by the response she has received from so many people about her new book and for you to take the trouble to bring the cake with you was quite overwhelming!  Thank you so much!

We hope you enjoyed the interview at Symphony Hall.  Faith Middleton is wonderful!

 Ina sends her warmest regards and best wishes continued success in your business.

 All my best,

Barbara Libath

Assistant to Ina Garten