Gwendolyn's Cake Bake Shop Mentioned In Marty Sklar's Final Book 'Travels With Figment'

There are few moments in your life when you meet someone and they make a lifelong impact on you. I met Marty Sklar in 2017 (Disney Legend). The day after we met I was flying to France to make a wedding cake for a dear family friend, I promised to send him a cake when I returned. We corresponded while I was away and he wrote the kindest letter to me and words of encouragement to my oldest son (who wants to one day do production design for Disney). The day I got back I sent him
an email letting him know his cake was on the way. I immediately got a response from his wife Leah letting me know that Marty has passed away the night before. Our paths crossed for just a moment, it will be a moment I will cherish forever. I created a cake in Marty's honor, sent it to his family to celebrate his life. Two years later his final book was released 'Travels with Figment', and much to my surprise, Leslie and Leah mentioned me in his book. I met his daughter Leslie and his wife Leah this past July. I will be forever grateful and I will always live by his words, "Dream It! Do It!". Thank you Marty for coming into my life.Marty Sklar 'Travels With Figment'Marty Sklar 'Travels With Figment' MentionLeslie and Leah SklarMarty Sklar with Baxter and Gwendolyn RogersMarty Sklar Note