Gwendolyn Shares Her Story With Kit Magazine

Since she was six years old, Gwendolyn Rogers loved to make the Betty Crocker shaped cakes as a creative outlet. She continued baking well into adulthood, becoming the go-to person for her friends and family, baking for many parties and events. She sat down one day with a pad of paper to write down all of her passions, which turned out to mostly revolve around cooking and baking. When she moved to Indianapolis in 2007, she began baking for her sons’ classes, sporting events and teachers, and soon she began to outgrow her kitchen. She knew she needed to seriously consider opening her own shop, and discussed potential business names with her husband.
“He told me to call it what it is,” Gwendolyn said. “‘You bake cake, so call it ‘Cake Bake.’ I added ‘Shop’ because it felt too short and didn’t roll off the tongue. That made it perfect.”
Since opening Cake Bake Shop in 2014, Gwendolyn has seen it grow beyond her wildest imagination. “I never thought anyone would come,” she admitted. “When I opened, I just turned on the ‘Open’ sign, and they came. I still to this day have never spent a dime on advertising. I do all of it on my own using the website and social media. It’s crazy to think about how many people have eaten my cakes over the last 12 years. It makes me extremely proud.”

You can visit the Cake Bake Shop in Carmel or Broad Ripple, and the menus are not limited to sweet treats. Enjoy a delicious quiche or a croque-madame with a glass of wine, and definitely leave room for dessert.