Gwendolyn Helps Grant The 19,000 Wish For Make-A-Wish Foundation

lot of kids who go through the Make-A-Wish program ask for things like trips to Disney World or a chance to meet their favorite celebrity. But one little girl from Indiana decided to use her wish to thank the doctors and nurses who helped her beat cancer. At The Cake Bake Shop in Broad Ripple, owner Gwendolyn Rogers has some extra help with the baking, as 6-year-old Roslyn Walsh works to whip up something sweet.
"After, will we put on the icing?" asked Roslyn. 
"Yeah, we're going to do that next," Rogers said, helping her put ganache on the cake.
Roslyn is here for a special reason.
"It was because I don't get to really bake cakes a lot, so I wanted to get to bake a cake," Roslyn said.
She's making one cake for her family and another for the doctors and nurses at Riley Hospital for Children. They took care of her when Roslyn was battling cancer. 
"To say thank you for what happened, for getting me done with cancer," Roslyn said.