'Dumb and Dumber To'

Cake Bake Shop is on the set of 'Dumb an Dumber To'. The cupcakes were a huge hit on the set today. Jeff Daniels said "What a great cupcake, I could eat a whole box." I made gluten free cupcakes for Jim Carrey, he loved them and said "Wow, Amazing!". What a great day for the Cake Bake Shop. Thank you to the cast and crew for such an amazing opportunity. What a blast! "Your cake is amazing." -Jim Carrey "I could eat a whole box of those [chocolate cakelettes]." -Jeff Daniels [slider navigation_style="arrows" custom_slider_transition="move"] [slide] dndt_2 [/slide] [slide] dndt_6 [/slide] [slide] dndt_3 [/slide] [slide] dndt_7 [/slide] [slide] dndt_1   [/slide] [/slider]