Cake Bake Shop: Updates

10608255_699536400132537_4407819035322491095_oWe’re going strong and things are coming together beautifully. I love seeing progress and so happy that everything is turning out just as I envisioned. We finally did our Christmas photo shoot with Sophisticated Living and we had so much fun doing it. I decorated the shop in Christmas theme with lights, Christmas trees, wreaths, nutcrackers, music – the works! I even made a beautiful ballerina decorated cake for the occasion and very pleased with how it came out. During the shoot, people started noticing the lights and music and a crowd of people started to develop outside before we knew it. I invited them all in and we popped some champagne together. It was so lovely to meet others from around the neighborhood. The owner of the magazine took home a pecan pie and I received a message from him the next day saying it was so good, he didn’t know if he wanted to make love to the pie or eat it. Too much information, maybe, but receiving compliments on your work is always nice.  :) I also enjoyed many fun activities this week. I had the pleasure of having dinner with Dave Smiley and his wife. Dave is the host of The Smiley Morning Show here in Indianapolis and is a huge fan of our shop. On top of that I had a distributor come by who brought some of the best French wines I’ve ever tasted. He’s bringing more next week and we’ll be making a final decision on which ones to offer in the shop. 10629730_10152401404116872_6815954996050099087_n So many shipments came in this week. My cabinets arrived, as well as my kitchen island, sink, ovens and front counter. All the mirrors come in next week along with the remainder of the counters. We’re moving right along! It’s looking more and more ready with every small step. Until next time! Gwen xo