Cake Bake Shop-The Best Mail-Order Cake in America By Bloomberg

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Bloomberg sampled 13 cakes to find ones to serve that guests will talk about for years to come.
The Grown-Up Girl Scout Cookie
Mint Chocolate Chip, The Cake Bake Shop, Indianapolis
Price: $115, plus $17 shipping.
Krader: “Hands-down favorite. It’s literally a perfect cake, with the power to change mint haters into mint lovers. The cake itself is flawless: chocolatey and moist but not wet, covered in a delightful, soft, green frosting with a pool of chocolate chips embedded inside.”
Newsroom: “Frosting is as fluffy as a marshmallow.” “Really well-done and moist, great mint flavor without being overpowering.” “Tastes like mint chip ice cream.” “This cake is the sort of thing people will talk about years after you serve it. The fluffy mint icing is like a heavenly duvet for your tastebuds.”
Bottom Line: So worth it. This cake will dominate conversation at the party.