Cake Bake Shop: Area Spotlight | Broad Ripple Village

Last but definitely not least, award-winning Cake Bake caps the list. I’d mention the awards and recognition, but it’s 26 pages long on their website. Yes, the cake is that good. It isn’t the only thing that attracts customers though. The entire Cake Bake shop is a sea of pink with a Parisian style with sparkles and shine, honestly like nothing I’ve ever experienced. A little pricey, but what can you expect from a shop that’s served Oprah, Diane Keaton, Steve Martin, and Jimmy Buffet (among many others). Just like all of the desserts, the atmosphere is sweet, which is why it’s smart to call ahead for a table. Walk-ins are welcome but depending on the day, you could be waiting up to an hour. Bring your friends and family and enjoy soup, sandwiches, or a quiche with your chosen dessert. They also have afternoon tea, and plenty of fun drinks to try at any part of the day. Where: 6515 Carrolton Avenue | Indianapolis, IN Wear: Smart casual, semi-dressy I recommend: Raspberry champagne cake. Starting in September, try their carrot cake! Menu: About the Author Hannah Farley Instagram: @hannnahf Email: