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    Every Cake Has A Story.  When you walk through the French doors, the rich aroma of the French and Belgian chocolates immediately greets you. The Cake Bake Shop is a place that will fill up your senses. Have a French pressed coffee with a slice of homemade cake or pie. Enjoy a cup of warm sipping chocolate topped with fresh whipped cream and a warm cookie right out of the oven.  You can see the locally sourced farm-fresh eggs and the organic milks and creamers nestled in the cooler. Behind the counter, master bakers gently sieve non-bromated flours from Vermont, aluminum-free baking powders & sugars and large pots of French & Belgian Chocolate melting on the stove. Once the oven dings, everything at the Cake Bake Shop has come together to create a truly savory experience. Choose from our list of the best wines & champagnes to accompany any of our cakes, cakelettes, pies & desserts.

    We make all of our desserts every day from scratch with the best butter, chocolates, fruits, eggs & creams.  

    All this is experienced in our sweet little cottage that has been remodeled into a elegant, sophisticated bake shop with our beautiful French chandeliers and French influenced furniture. The Cake Bake Shop  is the perfect place to spend the best part of your day. Let us be part of your story.

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    • Gwen..You are unbelievable!!! Honestly the best cake ever!!! My guys looooooved it. Keep that one on your menu!!! Can't thank you enough. Highlight of the day:) Your the best! Thanks.

      Alison· Indianapolis, USA
    • ahhhhhh. ohhhhhh. I think I know what heaven tastes like. Oh Gwen, your baked goods are magical.

      “Sally”· “Indianapolis,
    • Amazing! Thanks so much for the best cake for my mom's 80th last week! I am finally catching my breath!!! This is the first time I had no left overs...disappeared! I really wanted some the next day!!!

      “Rani”· “Indianapolis,
    • As usual the cupcakes were awesome!!

      “Molly”· “Indianapolis,
    • At the party, Ate all flavors, AWEsome. You must eat cake from The Cake Bake Shop

      “Liza”· “Indianapolis,
    • Cake Bake it, amazing chocolate cake!!!! I would fly the pond for a slice of that. -Peter Sidwell-TV host of Britains Best Bakery

      “Peter· “Great
    • Cake is absolutely incredible, best I ever had! No lie.

      “Jim”· “Indianapolis,
    • Can you hear me purring? Unbelievable. Fantastic. Luscious. decadently divine

      “Chris”· “Indianapolis,
    • Dear Gwendolyn - the baby shower was great fun and your cake was fabulous!! No one had the heart to cut into it because it was so beautiful. But, when I finally sliced and served it, the response was a unanimous one- best chocolate cake ever!! It was just delicious, and the frosting was so light that no one left a drop on their plate. I had several people ask me for your business card, so I showed them the pink ribbon & card. I would say you will have quite a few new customers.

      “Monica”· “Indianapolis,
    • Dearest Gwendolyn, Your cups of cake were delectable. Sweeter than the island flower of old England. I send my thanks, goodmorrow. My cup runneth over. [/testionial] [testimonial name=“Dr. Smith” from=“Ossip Eyes”] Everyone loved your cake today. It was by far the best cake I have ever had. You are truly a master at baking. Thanks for sharing it with us, it means a lot. It was gone in about 10 minutes. The staff said it was the best treat anyone has given us

      “John· “Indianapolis,


    croissants French Croissants Breakfast Cakes
    marie antoinette cake Marie Antoinette Caramel Cake Cakes
    Happy Birthday Cake Happy Birthday Cake Cakes
    Millionaire Cake Millionaire Cake Cakes
    Strawberry Shortcake Cake with Mascarpone Cream Strawberry Country Cake Cakes
    Naked Carrot Cake Naked Carrot Cake Cakes
    smash cake photoshoot marshmallow 2 French Valhrona Chocolate Cake Topped With Marshmallow Cream Cakes
    Pina Colada Cake Pina Colada Cake with Rum, Pineapple & Coconut Cakes
    sour cream coffee cake Sour Cream Coffee Cake with a Vermont Maple Glaze Breakfast Cakes
    Pound Cake Classic All Butter Pound Cake Breakfast Cakes
    Caramel cake3 Southern Style Caramel Cake Cakes
    Lady Baltimore Cake2 Lady Baltimore Cake Cakes
    Hummingbird Cake Hummingbird Cake Cakes
    breakfastcake_ Chocolate Espresso Pecan Coffee Cake Breakfast Cakes
    breakfastcake_1 Raspberry Friands-Gluten Free Breakfast Cakes
    breakfastcake_6 Banana Caramel Cream Cake Cakes
    breakfastcake_4 Zucchini Country Cake Breakfast Cakes
    breakfastcake_5 Orange Chocolate Ganache Pound Cake Breakfast Cakes
    breakfastcake_2 Blueberry Crumb Cake Breakfast Cakes
    layeredcake_6 Lemon Doberge Cake Cakes
    Doberge Cake Sophiscated Living Chocolate Doberge Cake Cakes
    layeredcake_2 Cherry Chip Cake Cakes
    layeredcake_5 Key Lime Pie Cake Cakes
    chocolate vanilla  Cake Black & White Cake Cakes
    layeredcake_11 Ginger-Spice Cake with Sugared Cranberries Cakes
    layeredcake_1 Banana Cake Breakfast Cakes
    breakfastcake_3 Carrot Cake- A Vance Family Recipe Cakes
    Limoncello Cake Limoncello Cake Cakes
    cake_2 Coconut Cake Cakes
    cake_5 Red Velvet Cake Cakes
    Elton cake Earl’s Court Chocolate Cake Cakes
    Vanilla birthday cake Bourbon Vanilla Cake Cakes




    Chocolate Cream Cakelette Valrhona Chocolate Cream Filled Cakelette Cakelettes
    choc. cakelette French Valhrona Chocolate Cakelette topped with Belgian Chocolate Fudge Frosting Cakelettes
    German Chocolate cupcake German Chocolate Cakelette Cakelettes
    cakelette_1 Hummingbird Cakelette Cakelettes
    cakelette_6 Limoncello Cakelette Cakelettes
    cakelette_5 Coconut Cakelette Cakelettes
    cakelette_2 Red Velvet Cakelette Cakelettes
    cakelette_4 Chocolate Cakelette Cakelettes
    cakelette_3 Vanilla Cakelette as seen in ‘Dumb an Dumber To’ Cakelettes
    • Gwen, that cake was incredible. usually i don't eat much of the icing but i ate all of it and was tempted to lick the plate!!!! beautiful AND delicious is not easy to come by. you truly have a gift!! i can't wait until you open!!!!!!!

      “Brenda”· “Indianapolis,
    • Gwen! The cupcakes were delicious! Thank you so much, you are really thoughtful!

      “Claire”· “Indianapolis,
    • Hello Gwen! Cake report: DELISH. I wasn't sure with what knife to cut it - that was the only issue. It was so filled with texture that what I had did not do the best job. There were 16 eaters - all raving. My sister-in-law said she would like to "bathe in the icing." xx

      “Sally”· “Indianapolis,
    • I have just eaten one of these beauties for breakfast - a perfect start to my day. Thanks Gwen...utterly, heavenly, amazeballs of yummy deliciousness!

      “Claire”· “Bristol,
    • It was simply the best thing all of us have ever ever had!!! You will be a HUGE hit!! Thanks for not "playing small" I life and for sharing your gift with Indy! Now we can have our cake and it it too Oh my yum!

      “Heather”· “Indianapolis,
    • Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the cupcakes were fantastic! Both flavors were amazing-the limoncello cupcakes were the favorite though. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events. Thanks again!

      “Annie”· “Indianapolis,
    • Light, delicious & moist! The best ever! We all loved them, and gorgeous- Thank you Gwen. Love-Madeline

      “Madeline”· “Indianapolis,
    • Like, like, like.....No wait, LOVE!!!

      “Jacquelynn”· “Napa
    • Loved, Loved, Loved the cupcakes...OK, the icing was yummy, but the chocolate, the cake....that is really something, like we have never tasted before, truly superior![/testionial] [testimonial name=“Jan” from=“Indianapolis, USA”] My husband said it was the most moist cake he has ever had....It was a big hit tonight after dinner!!Thank you so much, Gwendolyn !

      “John”· “Indianapolis,


    Lattice Apple Pie Apple Lattice Pie Pies
    Chocolate Silk Pie French Valhrona Chocolate Silk Pie in a Flakey All Butter Crust Pies
    Key Lime Pie2 Key Lime Pie with Lime Zest and Tahitian Vanilla Bean Cream Pies
    pecan pie2 Southern Style Georgia Pecan Pie Pies
    pie_4 Limoncello Ice Box Pie Pies
    pie_1 Peach Crumble Pie Pies
    pie_6 Apple Crumble Pie Pies
    Blueberry Crumble2 Blueberry Crumble Pie Pies
    pie_5 Blueberry Lattice Pie Pies
    pie_2 Cherry Lattice Pie as featured on Martha Stewart’s American Made Pies
    • OMG,OMG! The dessert was unbelievable. We loved every wonderful bite. We both love fruit, so this was the perfect treat for us. We each had a nice slice, then we ended up standing at the counter giggling and eating more with spoons without putting it on our plates. I was going to call our son and daughter-in-law to share some with them, but Jim said, lets not. How decadent are we? You should defiantly add this dessert to your bakery menu, it is a winner.

      “Jan· “Indianapolis,
    • OMG! OMG! OMG! The cake was delicious. We loved every bite. Dean & Eric, who are gourmet cooks, said it was the best chocolate cake they have ever had. Thank you for making Jims 76th birthday so delicious

      “Janice”· “Indianapolis,
    • OMG! That is the prettiest thing I have ever seen! How are we going to be able to eat it? Gorg! Cannot wait!

      “Sarah”· “Indianapolis,
    • Thank you again for the cupcakes and especially the taster cupcakes... I don\'t know what else to say other than they were AMAZING (ate them after a workout and probably negated my workout but it was worth every bite.

      “Lindsey”· “Indianapolis,
    • Thank you so much for making the cupcakes....they were not only beautiful but delicious as well!!!

      “Kelly”· “Indianapolis,
    • The best birthday present I ever gave myself. Two dozen cupcakes! The best ever!

      “Barbara”· “Indianapolis,
    • The cake was amazing!!! The best cake we have ever eaten! Thank you.

      “Michelle”· “Indianapolis,
    • The cupcakes are freaking awesome. Thanks

      “Bill”· “Indianapolis,
    • The cupcakes were wonderful! My husband said, I do not really like cupcakes but I like these! These blow away the local cupcakes!-[/testionial] [testimonial name=“Diane” from=“Indianapolis, USA”] The most amazing cupcakes!! SERIOUSLY-the most moist, delicious cupcake I have ever had. Loved them and thought they were too beautiful to eat.

      “Michele”· “Portland,


    St. Honore St. Honoré Desserts
    marie antionette Marie Antoinette Macarons Desserts
    Chocoalte Eclairs Chocolate Eclairs Desserts
    Gingerbread Gingerbread Men Desserts
    Sugar Cookies Tea Party Sugar Cookies Desserts
    springerie cookies Springerie Cookies Desserts
    peach & blueberry crumble2 Fresh Blueberry & Peach Brown Sugar Crumble Desserts
    pink snowballs Pink Snowballs- All Butter Cake Filled with Marshmallow Cream Desserts
    choc. cookie Triple Chocolate Gooey Walnut Cookies Desserts
    Mini Bundt Cake Petit Valhrona Chocolate Ganache Bundt Cake Desserts
    icebox cake 16 layer Chocolate Coffee Liqueur Ice Box Cake Desserts
    Chocolate Snowball French Valhrona Chocolate Snowballs Desserts
    cover_ French Valhrona Chocolate Filled Cream Cake Desserts
    dessert_5 Lemon Bars Desserts
    brownie Brownies Desserts
    chocolate chip cookies boxed Chocolate Chip Cookies with Fleur de Sel Desserts
    dessert_4 Limoncello Madelines Desserts
    dessert_2 Pavlova Desserts
    banana pudding to go Old Fashioned Banana Pudding Desserts
    dessert_7 Chocolate Ice Box Cake Desserts
    dessert_8 Plum Tarte Tatin Desserts

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